3 Tips for Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

Some attorneys treat their clients’ bankruptcies as quick ways to make a buck and line their own pockets. The good news is that dedicated bankruptcy attorneys do exist; you just have to be willing to do your homework and find the diamonds in the rough. Here are three tips for selecting smart, affordable and trustworthy legal representation.

  1. Shop Around

Never pick the first attorney in the phone book. Before you make any commitments or sign any contracts, do some “comparison shopping” to make sure that they’re really the attorney who can offer you the best price and the quickest court proceedings. It’s all right if you go back to your first choice after you’ve seen everyone else; the most important thing is that it’s an informed decision rather than an impulsive selection. You want to be thorough with your attorney search.

  1. Research Different Firms

How long have they been in business? How many attorneys are on the payroll? What else do they do besides bankruptcies? Where did they go to school, and what licenses and certifications do they have to prove it? Are they a member of any professional legal organizations that will add to their legitimacy as a firm? Have they been featured in any industry magazines? These are all important questions to ask before you decide that a potential attorney is right for you.

  1. Read Reviews and Ratings

You don’t buy things online without reading the reviews. You don’t go to a new restaurant without reading the reviews. Choosing a bankruptcy attorney is no different: If you want someone with a good reputation, you’ll need to do some digging to find out what their reputation actually is. If a lot of clients seem to hate them, there’s probably a reason for their grievances. On the flip side, if everyone is full of glowing recommendations, you might have found someone who can successfully represent you. It will take research to find out.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you search for a bankruptcy attorney St Louis. As you can see, it’s a little more complicated than just firing up your favorite search engine and choosing someone at random, so don’t make that mistake. Take your time; consider all of your options; make a selection that leaves you feeling confident and secure that you’ve made the right decision.

Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor