All You Need To Know About Claim For Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are, unfortunately, more common than we think, and in the vast majority of cases, the worst part is always suffered by the cyclist, since he receives the impact directly and almost always the injuries are usually serious. In this article, we are going to talk about the bicycle accident claim.

The Range of the Claim

The accident claim as a cyclist will always include two parts: the claim of material damages, and that of personal injury. The quantification, in the case of injuries, will depend on their accreditation and the greater severity or not of them. We inform you how to claim a bicycle accident.

Claim for Injuries

To be able to prove the existence of the accident and therefore be able to file an accident claim, the moment immediately after the accident is very important. The problem is usually that in these cases emergency services almost always arrive, and in case of evacuating the wounded, few options will have to show and prove how the accident has happened, which can be taken advantage of by the opposing driver to take responsibility for the same.

A Series of Basic Measures Must be Adopted

  • Call the Police or the Civil Guard to get him crowded. You have to show how the accident happened, if it was a lane invasion, or if a vehicle skips a pass or stop, invading the lane through which the cyclist circulates, or any other dynamics of the accident. It is very important to declare, and in case you can not do it, you should go as soon as you can to a police station to give our version of the facts, and that said diligence is added to the raised case.
  • We must try to have witnesses, who have seen the accident, and stay with phones and data of them so that if the opposite denies us the fault, we can demonstrate the reality of the accident. If possible, we will include this information in the Attestation.
  • We must go without fail to the nearest hospital, for a part of injuries stating each and every one of the injuries we have suffered. We will need to be later able to demand the corresponding
  • As for the claim for injuries, you must go to the emergency room in the first days as many times as necessary, so that all the injuries suffered are recorded in medical reports. Going to a lawyer specialized in this type of accident will always be an aid for the accident claim so as not to take false steps or to stop following the basic guidelines from the beginning so that then there is no problem with the claim, Levinson Law Group is a good option .

The claim for the injuries will depend on many factors: whether or not there is sick leave, the time that we use to cure ourselves through rehabilitative medical treatment, or the medical tests we need. It must be borne in mind that cyclists are physically exposed and that the injuries will be greater when they receive the impact of the accident directly on the body. The most common injuries are fractures (elbow, arm, leg), shoulder injuries, multiple erosions, hip, neck, and lumber. Everything will depend on the type of accident, the way of falling, the force of the impact and other conditions.

Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor