Avoid Motorcycle Accidents by Following These Tips

Motorcyclists need to drive very carefully to prevent accidents. There may be plenty of traffic signboards that advice all drivers for safe driving, however people get the thrill with speed driving and often fail to observe safety rules and end up with fatal accidents. Following are the tips that all motorcyclists must follow for their own as well as other people’s safety.

  • Learn to drive /properly by taking training from experts

Driving motorcycle is not difficult to learn, but one should learn under the expert guidance. They will not only build your confidence, but help to correct few mistakes that can be fatal while driving. Therefore, learn the motorcycle driving from a driving school under close instructions of your mentor. Also see videos available where safe driving techniques are provided.

  • Always drive defensively

While driving on public road you should not drive aggressively. Remember your misadventure might put someone else’s life in danger. Even Belluck & Fox cannot protect you from legal prosecution if you are noticed by others, driving recklessly on the road. Do not try to overtake other vehicles on the road. Allow other vehicles that are larger than yours to pass.

  • Avoid imagination during driving

While you are driving on the road you must be fully conscious about your surroundings and adjust yourself accordingly. You should not get lost in your imagination or day dreaming during driving. Also avoid alcohol or any sedative medicine while driving motorcycle.

  • Wear safety gears

You must put on right quality of helmet and proper protection for your eyes while driving your motorcycle. Also, you must wear suitable cloths so that you are not exposed to cold wind.

  • You must fit in your motorcycle

Quite often it is seen that the motorcycle is much bigger than the size of the driver or vice versa. You must select your motorcycle which perfectly suits your body size. Make sure that the seat height is adjusted properly so that you can reach the brake comfortably.

  • Avoid over speeding

Speed no doubt is quite thrilling, but one should not go at very high speed, as it takes longer to stop. If you suddenly apply brake at very high speed then it is likely that your motorcycle including you may lose your balance.

  • Be alert on the road

Your eyes must be open and aware about your surroundings. You must avoid any distractions like mobile phones, multimedia devices, cameras or any other devices while you are driving on the road. You should not also wear anything that impairs your vision.

  • Keep your vehicle well maintained

Make sure that your motorcycle is regularly maintained. Check the air pressure of the tire regularly and the brake should be always working properly. Also check that no part of your vehicle is loose and the head lights and tail lights are in working condition.

  • Make sure that you are visible

Wear bright colored dress so that people can easily notice you even in bad light condition.

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Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor