Do Not Be a Victim of an Abusive Partner

Are you being abused by your partner yet you can’t bring yourself to leave him maybe because you still love him despite what he is doing or you are thinking of your kids and don’t want them to have a broken family? According to statistics, about 25% of abused women are still vulnerable for constant abused as they cannot leave their partner. If you are one of these women, what could be your reason for letting your husband abuse you?

We are already in the digital age, gone are those martyr women who don’t fight and just sulk in the corner if abused by their partners. Don’t let anybody do that to you much more your husband who promised in front of a number of people to love you unconditionally. It is one thing to have an abusive husband, but it is certainly another carrying on his abuses.

So, as it is never right to be abused, these six steps could be your guide in dealing with an abusive partner:

  • Maybe you do not realize that you are already abused thinking you have done something wrong thus your partner did that to you. So, what you can do is assess the situation. Are you really thinking right, or you just want to justify his actions because you don’t have the courage to leave him? If you are in constant fear when you are with him, then most probably there is a valid reason, you should think of a plan to make yourself safe.
  • If you have realized you are indeed abused, you can then start planning for the safety of yourself as well as your kids. You can start this by talking to those agencies who are advocates of abused women. They will know what to do with your situation.
  • If you think there is really no hope for your husband to change like his abuses are getting worse, maybe it is time for you to talk to a legal counsel who specializes in these kinds of cases. He will be the one to tell you what to do and if he will find the need to take the matter to court.

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Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor