Help Your Lawyer Prepare For Your Defense?

The thing you need to understand is how you can help your lawyer for thedefence, such as First, ask your lawyer:

  • The one who is preserving the evidence, to contact your witness.
  • The evidence against you, can you access the file which of the court.
  • Is there any chance that you are going to ask to testify or produce evidence for the trial?
  • You should know the last date of submitting the details of the witness. It includes the name and address of the witness, the statement of the witness, the expert reports etc. If needed can the deadline be extended?
  • The lawyer should know about everything that would make your defence What is the information needed otherwise to make your case stronger? You should ask the lawyer to preserve documents that are crucial to being prepared before those get disappeared.
  • Talk to your lawyer of any witness that would testify your claims. If the witness is a nonresident of that particular area to take their statement as soon as possible before they have gone out of the country.

How should you plea?

  • You should be honest with your lawyer and tell him correctlywhat you should plead guilty or not guilty before the court. Let the lawyer decide if you do have substantial evidence and witness to prove that you are guilty or not guilty. If you have right enough evidence and witness in your favor, your lawyer would suggest you to plea for not guilty.
  • If you think that your evidenceis good enough and your witnesses are good enough to prove you not guilty but remember the land where the incident took place should accept such kind of witness and evidence. If that land doesn’t, your lawyer would suggest you to plea for guilty.
  • There are laws in some lands that if you plead guilty in early stages, you are going to get some benefits. If you find yourself in trouble with discussing with your lawyer, you should plead guilty and take the benefits.

Sentence Reducing:

  • If you committed an offence, you should talk to your lawyerabout it. There are ways to reduce the sentence. Suppose if you are sick or have any health conditions, your age, your past criminal record , comes to play on the court. So talk to the lawyer about it.
  • Documents against your claims in the court are a must. So, you should take help of your family members and others to make your documents that support your claims.

Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor