Questions to Ask Before Hiring any One of the Criminal Solicitors in Sydney

When facing criminal charges, time is of the essence; you cannot take too long to find one of the criminal solicitors in Sydney lest you get an attorney who doesn’t meet your expectations. It is not difficult to find a criminal lawyer in Sydney, Australia but the question is: Is he really good or is he out to pocket another cheque from you? Most people avoid aggravating their situation by ensuring that they start with the best lawyer from the on-start, preferably one with extensive experience in the area their accusation falls. Additionally, this is not the time to ignore any one of the criminal solicitors around Sydney just because they are busy and couldn’t make it to an appointment. The fact that they sent their staff to a meeting doesn’t mean they’ll do the same once you start working together.

 The first step to getting one of the criminal lawyers near Sydney is by consulting people who have faced criminal charges before or conducting in-depth research on the internet. Armed with at least five recommendations, it becomes easy to interview each of them while eliminating those who don’t meet your expectations. After planning a meeting, you can assess the competence of each one of the criminal attorneys close-to Sydney just by asking the following questions.

  • Which law school did you attend and what’s your level of experience: At times, it seems right to hire one of the criminal advocates in Sydney who is young, energetic and willing to work endlessly on a case. However, the problem with young graduates is that they may lack the needed experience in handling complicated criminal cases. The highest level of education attained demonstrates the willingness of the attorney to acquire more knowledge in their line of work. The experience of the advocate matters significantly because no one wants to be represented by an attorney who gets too nervous in the courtroom or cannot present their case boldly and convincingly.
  • What are my legal options: This question comes after disclosing the case details. If any one of the criminal barristers within Sydney promises a win even when it’s clear that the stakes are low, then you should move to the next attorney. A good attorney will give the legal options with due consideration to the problems that may arise in the course of the case. The options should also include the out-of-court settlement methods which are cheaper and less frustrating when compared to litigation.
  • Will you personally represent me: Before entering into any form of agreement with either one of the criminal legists in Sydney, it is important to be clear on who will be representing you. Therefore, if the accusations are grave, then you need an attorney who’s present and available for all meetings and hearings. The availability of the attorney boosts the confidence and trust in them.
  • How much are your legal fees? Some attorneys’ charge their legal fees hourly while others have a flat rate. It is necessary to hire one of the criminal pleaders in Sydney whose legal fees you can afford. Additionally, agree on the amount to pay depending on the outcome of the case.


When making the final decision, settle on one of the criminal solicitors in Sydney who had more experience, charged reasonable legal fees, and one whose legal advice seemed reasonable.

Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor