What is the Best Thing to Do after Suffering a Slip and Fall Accident?

So as to build an effective case which will guarantee that you are looked after any slip and fall accident, you will have must act quickly to collect all the data and make the correct documentation which will assist you at the time of the trial.

If your injuries are not too severe at the time of the incident, try making sure that you carry out a thorough investigation of the conditions which led to your injury. Also, if you can, get to speak to whomever the responsibility of the safety of that area in which you were injured belongs.

First Things First

If at all possible, after you have suffered from a slip and fall accident, you should first assess the situation and determine what caused your fall. For instance, if you fell over at say a supermarket, making note that there was indeed a spill is a great starting point. (Taking photos is a good move also).

  • Plus, you should get the names and contact info of all witnesses to your slip and fall accident.
  • These will be vital parties in determining fault on the part of the company should they contest the reason for your fall.

The next stageisspeaking to whoever was responsible for the area where you happened to fall. Going along with the above supermarket example, you should try speaking to the highest ranked employee of the shop on the premises when the accident happened. The reasons for beingtwofold:

  • Firstly, you will get them to provide some type of documentation regarding the accident actually occurring.
  • Secondly, you should take note of anything mentioned in this conversation, as it will help you to determine any precautions which were or were not provided for the purposes of establishing a breach of duty on his or her part.

And Finally

After all the required personnel have been spoken to and taking note of the conditions which ultimately led to your slip and fall accident, you will need to begin collecting documentation to present to your attorney which will help in building your case.

This can start at the hospital with the visit to the medical professional. This is required even should you not believe that you are in need of immediate attention as it will provide a credible record of the harm you actually incurred from your fall.

  • And once again, remember to take photos of both the place where you fell and the harm which you suffered.

By using this method, if any injury has already healed prior to the trial or should the owner have fixed the condition which inevitably led to your fall, you will then have a record of the harmful conditions as they originally existed.

Post Author: Kaylyn Vagor